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As a full-service manufacturing partner, Eriksen Export & Import GmbH specializes in OEM-projects. We enable European manufacturers to benefit from the Asian market through global manufacturing. Our range of services specializes in sourcing and manufacturing metal and plastic parts according to our clients’ individual requirements.

Eriksen Export & Import GmbH is a Berlin, Germany based company with a branch office in Shanghai, China. Together, our German-Chinese Team works seamlessly to execute to our clients’ orders professionally and efficiently.

Eriksen GmbH oversees each client’s needs from identifying the supplier, overseeing the production process through to the point of quality control and finally transporting and importing our clients goods to Europe.

Our key task is to create a successful link between the technical departments of our European client to our suppliers in China. When selecting a supplier, the key factors are: reliability, product quality and delivery on the specified due date. Our mission is to deliver products that meet European and German standards of quality.

The majority of our clients are medium-sized companies from the metalworking industry. Clients have experienced our value through excellent support and results and therefore developed a strong business confidence in our abilities. Clients consistently seek our involvement in projects and continue to view Eriksen Export & Import GmbH as a strategic partner in the Asian market.

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Jens Eriksen
Export & Import GmbH
Nassauische Str. 48
10717 Berlin

Tel.: +49-30-825 59 99
Fax: +49-30-873 56 53

Office Shanghai
Floor 09, Room 0919
Huaihai China Tower
No. 885, Renmin Road
Shanghai, 200010

fon: +86-21-638 440 08
fax: +86-21-638 494 63